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About CadCabel

Cad­Ca­bel AG is a busi­ness in the elec­tri­cal sup­ply indus­try. The com­pany was founded in 1998 and, with a major­ity invest­ment from bm|t in 2001, devel­oped into a solid mar­ket player. The com­pany man­u­fac­tures ready-to-install cable har­nesses for switchgear wiring, an area in which the com­pany pos­sesses a unique tech­nol­ogy for fast and reli­able wiring.

CadCabel AG

Cable harnesses from Hohengandern

2009: bm|t sells its shares in Cad­Ca­bel AG

bm|t has sold its shares in Cad­Ca­bel AG, Hohen­gan­dern, from Thüringer Indus­triebeteili­gungs-GmbH & Co. KG (TIB) to the board of direc­tors of the com­pany and the founder’s family.

Thanks to the ini­tial invest­ment from bm|t, Cad­Ca­bel today is a suc­cess­ful player in the mar­ket with more than 60 employ­ees and an annual turnover of about €6 mil­lion. In addi­tion to enabling the cre­ation and preser­va­tion of qual­i­fied jobs in Thuringia, bm|t also gen­er­ated an attrac­tive return on investment.

bm‑t verkauft ihre Beteili­gung an der Cad­Ca­bel AG, Hohengandern

Man­ag­ing board: Hans-Peter Hanzel, CEO
Dipl. Betrieb­swirt Hans-Joachim Suska
Chair­man of the super­vi­sory board: Dr. Har­ald Pickenpack


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