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Investor Days Thuringia brings innovative founders and investors together in Erfurt

  • 2016
Elevator Pitch der Stiftung fŸr Technologie, Innovation und Forschung ThŸringen am 14.06.16 in Erfurt. Im Bild: Ben Schaefer, H&S Robots. Foto: Candy Welz
Ele­va­tor Pitch of the Thuringia Tech­nol­ogy, Inno­va­tion and Research Foun­da­tion on June 14, 2016, in Erfurt. Pic­tured: Ben Schae­fer, H&S Robots. Photo Credit: Candy Welz
600 guests, includ­ing 70 investors and 69 founders, came together for 2 jam-packed days at this year’s Investor Days Thuringia. The event, orga­nized by bm|t and the Thuringia Tech­nol­ogy, Inno­va­tion and Research Foun­da­tion (STIFT), cel­e­brated its pre­mière and wowed every­one in attendance.

bm|t’s own Karin Rabe served as co-orga­nizer of the event and was able to draw on her expe­ri­ence from the bm|t Invest­ment Days of 2012 and 2014. The STIFT also admin­is­tered the «Thuringian Ele­va­tor Pitch» Event 12 times over the past years.

Elevator Pitch der Stiftung für Technologie, Innovation und Forschung Thüringen am 14.06.16 in Erfurt. Im Bild: Pitcher, Teilnehmer Innovationsarena und Organisatoren. Foto: Candy Welz
Ele­va­tor Pitch of the Thuringia Tech­nol­ogy, Inno­va­tion and Research Foun­da­tion on June 14, 2016, in Erfurt. Pic­tured: Pitcher, Par­tic­i­pants and Com­peti­tors in the Inno­va­tion Arena with Orga­niz­ers. Photo Credit: Candy Welz

The tar­get groups of the 2 events are fun­da­men­tally sim­i­lar,” said Rabe. “So we asked our­selves, why not get together and jointly launch a sin­gle event that can ben­e­fit bm|t, STIFT and, most impor­tantly, the founders?”

The 2‑day event offered expo­sure to com­pa­nies at var­i­ous growth stages. One the first day, start-up founders had only 3 min­utes to present their busi­ness ideas. The audi­ence was given «monop­oly money» to invest in their favorite start-ups, and the Audi­ence Prize went to upyama.

The sec­ond day’s motto was “Build Suc­cess & Deepen Coöper­a­tion» and focused on inno­v­a­tive tech­nol­ogy com­pa­nies in the growth phase who were on the search for either invest­ment or strate­gic part­ner­ships. 20 com­pa­nies were selected to present to poten­tial investors; each com­pany had 10 min­utes to present and 5 min­utes for Q&A. The indus­tries in focus were:

  • Biotech and medicine
  • High-tech indus­trial production
  • IT and media

In prepa­ra­tion for this demand­ing endeavor, all founders received coach­ing on how to effec­tively present their unique busi­ness mod­els,” said Karin Rabe, who was very happy with the exe­cu­tion of the event and the pos­i­tive feed­back received so far.

The past two days have shown me once again how much cre­ativ­ity and enthu­si­asm we have here in Thuringia. I am excited to see our region develop into an attrac­tive cen­ter of Ger­man inno­va­tion,” added Ms. Rabe.

You can find an overview of all prize win­ners at Investor Days Thuringia here.

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