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New Ultrasonic Process

  • 2007

2.8 mil­lion euros for eZono AG in Jena

eZono AG in Jena has received 2.8 mil­lion euros of new cap­i­tal for fur­ther devel­op­ment as well as prepa­ra­tion for mar­ket launch of the first gen­er­a­tion prod­uct. In addi­tion to bm|t beteil­i­ungs­man­age­ment thürin­gen gmbh and KfW, both domes­tic and inter­na­tional pri­vate investors have taken shares in the Jena-based med­ical tech­nol­ogy group.

eZono devel­ops totally new appli­ca­tions and sys­tems for med­ical ultra­sonic diag­nos­tics. The equip­ment is eas­ier to use than exist­ing sys­tems and can be oper­ated by non-spe­cial­ists, too. This opens up new poten­tial with regard to cost effi­ciency in ultra­sonic diag­nos­tics. In con­trast to hith­erto exist­ing equip­ment, the eZono sys­tems offer a broad range of appli­ca­tions within the size and weight of a note­book and can there­fore be used prac­ti­cally anywhere.

Ultra­sonic devices can help, e.g. in the eval­u­a­tion of poten­tial strokes. How­ever, this test is cur­rently only car­ried out on approx­i­mately 2% of the pop­u­la­tion over the age of 50, due to the com­plex­ity and cost. In future, by car­ry­ing out an eZono ultra­sonic scan of the carotid artery, the GP will be bet­ter able to assess the patient’s like­li­hood of suf­fer­ing a stroke and thereby con­sid­er­ably reduce the risk by imple­ment­ing pre­ven­ta­tive measures.

The first-gen­er­a­tion prod­uct is expected to be avail­able on the Euro­pean mar­ket next year.

eZono AG was founded in 2004 and presently employs a staff of 20.


eZono AG
Allan Dun­bar / André Jäkel

Winz­er­laer Str. 2
D‑07745 Jena
+49 (0) 3641 579–780
+49 (0) 3641 579–781
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