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First Commitment to Software company Alea Investment fund launched with 71 million euro

  • 2006

The announced invest­ment fund for growth com­pa­nies is signed and sealed. “The sec­ond round of sub­scrip­tions for the fund has now been suc­cess­fully con­cluded “, said the man­ag­ing direc­tor of beteili­gungs­man­age­ment thürin­gen gmbh (bm|t), Dr. Guido Bohnenkamp, in Erfurt.

The fund – Pri­vate Equity Thürin­gen GmbH & Co. KG (PET-Fonds) – made its first invest­ment today in the soft­ware pro­ducer Alea GmbH from Jena. Alea is receiv­ing one mil­lion euros from the fund. The com­pany devel­ops new soft­ware for the mail order busi­ness and will use the cap­i­tal injec­tion to finance its future growth and accel­er­ate its prod­uct development.

The PET fund has funds of 70.9 mil­lion euros. Thirty mil­lion euros of this comes from the Euro­pean Regional Devel­op­ment Fund (ERDF), ten mil­lion euros from Thüringer Auf­baubank, and another 30,9 mil­lion euros is con­tributed by Lan­des­bank Hes­sen-Thürin­gen, Ärztev­er­sorgung Thürin­gen, Sparkassen­ver­sicherung, Kred­i­tanstalt für Wieder­auf­bau (KfW) and Sparkasse Jena.

The PET fund will invest in small and medium-sized enter­prises with above aver­age growth prospects and in start-ups that are devel­op­ing new prod­ucts. The size of an invest­ment can be from one to five mil­lion euros and both open and silent part­ner­ships are pos­si­ble. Res­cue oper­a­tions are excluded. The fund is man­aged by beteili­gungs­man­age­ment thürin­gen gmbh (bm|t), a sub­sidiary of Thüringer Aufbaubank.

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