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bm|t financed 15 Thuringian companies

  • 2005

bm|t beteili­gungs­man­age­ment thürin­gen gmbh looks back over a suc­cess­ful year. In 2004, the fund man­age­ment com­pa­nies man­aged by bm|t, Thüringer Indus­triebeteili­gungs-gmbh & Co. KG, Ven­ture Cap­i­tal Thürin­gen GmbH & Co. KG and Thüringer Inno­va­tions­fonds financed 15 com­pa­nies with a vol­ume of 8.9 mil­lion euros. At the end of the year bm|t man­aged a total of 44 par­tic­i­pa­tions, in which a total of 61 mil­lion euros was invested. The com­pa­nies financed by bm|t employ approx­i­mately 2,400 peo­ple in Thuringia , of which 600 work in major­ity par­tic­i­pa­tions and 1,800 in minor­ity participations.

We used 2004 to imple­ment the inte­gra­tion of the three funds and to cre­ate sta­ble struc­tures”, said the man­ag­ing Direc­tor of bm|t, Dr. Guido Bohnenkamp.

Dur­ing the prepa­ra­tion of a new fund – the Pri­vate Equity Thürin­gen GmbH & Co. KG (PET) – an impor­tant mile­stone was reached in Decem­ber 2004: the EU approved the con­cept. This means that 30 mil­lion euros from the Euro­pean Fund for Regional Devel­op­ment and 10 mil­lion euros of national co-financ­ing by the State of Thuringian can now be released. As the fund will have a total vol­ume of 70 mil­lion euros a fur­ther 30 mil­lion euros will have to come from investors. We are cur­rently work­ing inten­sively on this and we aim to gen­er­ate the planned vol­ume of 70 mil­lion euros in the summer.

The fund will be used to finance small and medium-sized businesses.

The biggest trans­ac­tion was the cap­i­tal increase of Moenus Tex­til­maschi­nen GmbH, in which bm|t has invested 4.9 mil­lion euros. Moenus Tex­til­maschi­nen GmbH is the suc­ces­sor com­pany of the insol­vent Sten­tex GmbH. It devel­ops, man­u­fac­tures and mar­kets machines that are used in tex­tile pro­duc­tion and pro­cess­ing all over the world. Moenus employs a total of 430 peo­ple in 4 dif­fer­ent loca­tions, includ­ing approx­i­mately 100 in Gera . For the finan­cial year end­ing in March, Moenus has fore­casted sales in excess of 60 mil­lion euros.

Den­tog­nos­tics GmbH is the company’s tenth invest­ment in the area of biotech­nol­ogy and med­ical tech­nol­ogy. Den­tog­nos­tics was founded 5 years ago. It devel­ops tests that pro­vide den­tal analy­ses of dis­eases such as par­o­don­ti­tis and caries at an early stage. A key advan­tage of this new method of diag­no­sis is that it allows the imme­di­ate eval­u­a­tion of the test results dur­ing treatment.

bm|t has once again com­mit­ted itself to Dis­play­Com Track Tech­nolo­gies GmbH, which is based in Jena , in the form of fol­low-up financ­ing. Dis­play­Com devel­ops spe­cial solu­tions for the opti­cal detec­tion and analy­sis of human move­ment. These sys­tems allow sta­tis­ti­cal eval­u­a­tions of cus­tomer flows in super­mar­kets and enable, for exam­ple, con­clu­sions to be drawn about the pro­mo­tional effec­tive­ness of the mar­ket­ing instru­ments used. The funds raised by bm|t, tbg Tech­nolo­giebeteili­gungs­ge­sellschaft mbH and other investors are pri­mar­ily used for the devel­op­ment of sys­tem solutions.

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