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PiNkey AG

rubicon IT GmbH acquires PiNkey AG

  • bm-t beteiligungsmanagement thüringen GmbH realizes exit
  • rubicon IT GmbH takes over the majority of PiNkey AG and plans to establish a competence center for lost property management in Thuringia

The venture capital investor bm-t beteiligungsmanagement thüringen GmbH (bm|t) sold its shares in PiNkey AG to the IT company Rubicon IT GmbH based in Vienna. With the takeover, the company is planning to expand its market-leading position in the area of fund management in Austria and Switzerland, also in Germany. PiNkey AG offers a wide range of services around the subject of key storage and return of lost keys.

Founded in 2009 by Steffen Malessa, PiNkey AG is a provider of various services related to “lost keys”. Under the brand name www.Schlü the company has set up a nationwide network for the secure storage and – if required – short-term delivery of keys. As a further product, PiNkey sells Key holder with integrated keyfound service as company give-away with add-on and customer back-up channel at and With, the company also operates a central register for personal things.

As a business unit, rubicon IT GmbH, based in Vienna, has been operating the fund service platform since 2003. This is an innovative e-government software solution for a country’s entire lost property. In Austria it is used in 500 cities and municipalities as well as at the Austrian Post and the Wiener Linien. In Switzerland, it is the official lost property standard solution under the name easyfind and is thus available to 3.9 million citizens in nine cantons and numerous municipalities as well as the passengers of the Swiss Federal Railways SBB. In addition rubicon operates easyfind ( based on unique codes.

With the takeover of PiNkey AG, rubicon has found an already established partner for the expansion of its fund management services in Germany and is planning to expand its location in Thuringia as a fund management center for Germany. Specific terms of the deal are not disclosed.

“Having been able to support PiNkey AG for almost six years in the development of the business, I am delighted to have found a partner in the market with rubicon IT GmbH, who wants to further develop the company in the state of Thuringia” said Stephan Beier, Investment Manager at bm|t.

“The synergies resulting from the collaboration between rubicon and Pinkey allow a uniform solution for the entire D-A-CH area. This has enormous advantages for the citizen, as he will have to look for his valuables in a single platform in the future, “explains Peter Grassnigg, Managing Director of rubicon IT GmbH.

About PiNkey AG
PiNkey AG, based in Oberweißbach / Thuringia, was founded in 2009 by Steffen Malessa and Katrin Linke. It offers services related to the storage and return of lost keys. With currently more than one million active key holders in the market, PiNkey AG holds a leading position in Germany. (

About rubicon IT GmbH
Rubicon, an international software company headquartered in Vienna, and offices in Berlin and Berne, specializes in improving core business processes through integrative IT solutions based on rubicon standard products or individual software developments. A central business area is the innovative lost property management service solutions. (
About the bm|t
With more than € 320m and eight funds under management bm|t is the premier partner for investments in Thuringia. We pursue a return-oriented approach to financing innovation and promoting economic growth by investing in promising entrepreneur teams and businesses in the Free State of Thuringia. bm|t is the ideal partner for investments across all industries and funding stages, from start-up through growth capital, including geographical expansion.

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