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pepperbill GmbH

About pepperbill

The Erfurt start-up pepperbill, founded in June 2012, is on a mission to revolutionize the entire gastronomy order and payments industry. With pepperbill, a professional, iOS-based payment system, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices are transformed into complete and efficient payment solutions. The intuitive screens make the work of gastronomy personnel easier and minimize training time. Unlike other payment systems, pepperbill encrypts payment data and securely stores it in the cloud. Through this service, gastronomy operators do not need to worry about data security, data backup, or IT infrastructure. pepperbill’s app already fulfills the more stringent financial and accounting standards that will be required of all payment systems in 2017.

pepperbill GmbH

September 2013: bm|t realizes attractive return with partial sale of its shareholding in pepperbill GmbH.

pepperbill GmbH, one of the leading providers of order and payment management systems for the gastronomy industry, has a new majority shareholder: Fabian and Ferry Heilemann, who have purchased over 60% of the Erfurt tech start-up through their holding company Sky & Sand GmbH.

Marcel Mansfeld, Andreas Stein and Professor Dr. Volker Herwig from Fachhochschule Erfurt founded pepperbill in June 2012. Until today, the company was financed by the founders, a business angel and bm|t beteiligungsmanagement thüringen GmbH.

With growth financing from the Thüringer Gründerfonds, managed by bm|t, the technical development and the buildup of a sales team was accomplished. Over the past year, the Erfurt team doubled to 12 employees. Through the investment from Sky & Sand and the planned build-out of the company’s capacity in Erfurt, this transaction brings sustainable and positive benefits to Thuringia.

After only 12 months since the initial investment, bm|t sold the majority of its shares to Sky & Sand GmbH with an attractive return on investment.

Heilemann brothers acquire majority of mobile POS business pepperbill

Marcel Mansfeld, Ferry Heilemann

Erfurt (subsidiary in Berlin)

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