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About KTN

KTN currently has about 200 employees and develops, designs and manufactures fibreglass-reinforced plastic components for the aircraft manufacturer Airbus. In Nobitz, they produce air-conditioning tubes and side and ceiling panels, which are then fitted in the Airbus factories at Laupheim, Hamburg-Finkenwerder and Toulouse.

KTN Kunststoff-Technik Nobitz GmbH

Aviation parts for Airbus from Altenburg

2006: bm|t sells its shares in KTN Kunststofftechnik Nobitz GmbH, Altenburg

bm|t has generated an attractive return on investment with the trade sale of its 100%-participation stake in KTN Kunststofftechnik Nobitz to the KAEFER Group, located in Bremen. KTN’s successful development, which began under the management of bm|t / TIB, is now secured for the long term and will be expanded with its strategic partner, KAEFER Group.

A noteworthy aspect of the acquisition is the far-reaching guarantee on the part of KAEFER Group of 200 existing jobs in Altenburg in addition to the prospective creation of new jobs. The aerospace business area is now constituted by KTN, OLUTEX (Seifhennersdorf, Saxony), and KAEFER Aerospace GmbH (founded in early 2006 in Bremen). A workforce of approximately 440 is employed on sites in Bremen, Hamburg, Toulouse, St. Nazaire, Nobitz and Seifhennersdorf. Annual turnover is approximately €40 million and  is expected to double by the end of the decade. The avowed aim is to further expand aviation business activities. Nobitz is also set to profit from this growth strategy.

Takeover of KTN Kunststofftechnik Nobitz by KAEFER Group, Bremen

Mads E. Brodtkorb, Jacques Briand


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