bm-t beteiligungsmanagement thüringen attracts more than EUR 150 million investment into Thuringia-based companies

  • 2018

More than EUR 150 million from domestic and international investors was invested in bm|t´s innovative portfolio companies in 2017.

The private capital invested is spread over 21 Thuringian companies, of which around 2/3 are in the start-up phase.

In addition, fund managed by bm|t invested more than EUR 10 million in these companies, resulting in total investment of over EUR 160 million in innovative Thuringian companies.

In 2016, bm|t attracted more than 45 million EUR of private capital into Thuringian portfolio companies. This impressive performance two years in a row is a strong confirmation of the attractiveness and potential of bm|t´s over 40 portfolio companies.

In addition to this successful fund-raising year, 2017 was a strong year of exits for bm|t. InflaRx´s highly-successful Nasdaq IPO and fayteq AG´s sale to a silicon valley tech giant were fantastic highlights for bm|t in 2017.