bm|t is the premier partner for investments in Thuringia.
We pursue a return-oriented approach to financing innovation and promoting economic growth by investing in promising entrepreneur teams and businesses in the Free State of Thuringia.

bm|t's responsibility

As the investment company of the Free State of Thuringia, we have a special responsibility. Along with the prudent management of the capital entrusted to us, we adhere to the aim of fostering sustainable economic development in our region.

Our dedicated team advises companies throughout the entire investment process. We don’t stop at the point of investment; we continually monitor our portfolio companies’ progress and actively support their further development.

Kevin Reeder, Managing Director

bm|t profile

  • Investments in promising technology companies with strong growth potential
  • Trust in founders and their drive to succeed
  • High levels of expertise in the following fields:
    • Electronics · Electrical Engineering
    • Automotive · Machine-building · Metal Processing
    • GreenTech
    • IT/Media
    • Life Science
    • Security
    • Materials Sciences
  • Investment and active involvement throughout all phases of a company’s development, from founding through to IPO or MBO/MBI
  • Partner with the goal of value generation over a defined investment horizon

bm|t was founded in 2003 as the universal investment company for Thuringia and is a subsidiary of the Thuringia Development Bank.

bm|t facts & figures

320.000.000 € capital

managed across 8 funds

Information about funds

100.000 – 10.000.000 €

equity financing or silent partnership

Investment criteria

many successful exits

in the Free State of Thuringia

Exit overview